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international ministries


We seek to participate in relational ministries reflecting Christ's love through partnerships in compassionate and sustainable ministry efforts around the world.


By facilitating opportunities for individual and corporate partners to participate in Christian ministry projects such as leadership, clean water, nutrition, health care and education; we develop friendships and partnerships with community efforts which improve lives by strengthening communities.

As much as we love ministry right here at home in our own neighborhood, we have also discovered that there is a vast and hurting world out there. We have seen that life is hard in much of the world. We have found suffering and pain beyond what we could have imagined. In this suffering, we have met some of the most precious people on the planet. We have been amazed at the resiliency and love that we have seen again and again. We have been forever changed by what we now know to be true.

In our travels together, we have also found that wherever we go, God is already there, on the scene, working through the faithful. He, and his faithful, have welcomed us to be a part. By being willing and ready this year, we have found ourselves in the middle of some of the most relevant and meaningful day-to-day ministries in places like BelAire Church of the Nazarene in downtown Port au Prince, and Kenyama West Nazarene Community School in Lusaka, Zambia.  

These team opportunities and friendships are life changing, and we have found ourselves willing and ready to question what we think they understand and have our heart rearranged to make room for God’s answers to our questions. We have been made aware of the reality of life around the world and we now have our eyes and hearts wide open for ways to be involved long-term. We have seen what love looks like around the world, and we like it.

Please consider joining a team or starting a friendship with someone in full-time service around the world and find your voice in this story.

zambia partnership

In May of 2008, OKC First sent a Work and Witness team to Livingstone, Zambia to finish a church building. What we found in Africa was certainly “need”, but above the need, we saw...amazing faith, hope and love and also the opportunity for a partner that looks like us! We came home completely changed by the experience and persistently drawn to the idea of a ten-year commitment in partnership with the Church of the Nazarene in Zambia. We eagerly returned to Zambia in May 2009 to determine what was next. Our 2009 visit has resulted in the development of LUKA International Foundation. We see many, many ways we can participate, and we intend to give you the opportunity to ‘do this thing together’ with us! We hope you will hear the call to Africa and join us, our next team is preparing now... are you on the 2017 team?

If you would like more information about International Ministries, please contact Pastor Debbi McCullock.